The optimization ability movie sex of natural pregnancy.

Currently, there are no guidelines or recommendations consultants are unified. This article provides clinicians oriented advice based on the consensus of experts, helps to optimize the ability pregnancy in couples with a history of or risk factors affect the ability born. 
Fertility and aging 

ability to get pregnant often stable in each menstrual cycle, but is highest in the first months of unprotected Exotic xxx relations and then subside. About 80% of couples will get pregnant after six months of regular contacts. This capability will be reduced by half at age 40 compared with women in their twenties.

Fertility are no limits on age in both men and women but age affects fertility in women is greater. For women, fertility will drop significantly at age 35. For men, the semen parameters are also limited to 35, but the fertility of men not affected before age 50. 
Infertility is diagnosed after 12 months when unprotected relation without pregnancy. Women at the age of 35 after 6 months without pregnancy is defined as age-related infertility. 

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Optimization capabilities pregnant self nhienThong usually 80% of couples will get pregnant after six months of "relationship" often 
Frequency of intercourse

Abstain from ejaculation on 5 days can affect semen analysis results. However, abstaining from ejaculation under 2 days, the results for normal semen analysis. This erase misconceptions that frequent ejaculation reduces fertility in men. 
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A retrospective study of 10,000 semen analysis showed that in men with high quality, density, percentage normal sperm cell, they ejaculate every day. More surprisingly, the men have less sperm, the density and the highest rate among mobile ejaculate every day. Abstinence time usually does not affect the shape of sperm, however, if abstaining from ejaculation than 10 days, the result is often bad semen.

A study of 221 couples with good fertility are planning a baby, the results showed that the highest pregnancy rate was 37% in each cycle for each day those relations. Relations other day pregnancy rate reached 33% / cycle, but the rate of pregnancy 15% / cycle if the frequency of the week 1. Tensions in desired pregnancy will reduce the frequency of desire and as relations. 

The rate may be reduced if on the date of loss truAng soup or a regime established strict relations. The frequency of each day or every other day for optimal pregnancy rates, however, depends on the health of each couple and the proper implementation of recommendations can cause unnecessary stress. 
Conception window
Window period of conception is that the relations to the highest pregnancy outcome. The best conception window is about 2 days to 6 days, ending on the day of ovulation. Period the highest conception can be estimated using the days between cycles, the ovulation tests predict or assess characteristics of cervical mucus. 
Tracking ovulation 

tracking changes in cervical mucus, libido, abdominal pain and mood can predict the exact time of ovulation not exceed 50%. Although there is no evidence of soup ovulation increases pregnancy rates.

Tracking characteristics of cervical mucus as a means of inexpensive and can predict ovulation. The highest possibility of ovulation when the cervical mucus and in glib.
The volume of cervical mucus increases estrogen levels in the blood of about 5-6 days before ovulation and peak 2-3 days after ovulation. A retrospective cohort study observed 1,681 cycles showed the highest pregnancy rates occurred on the highest amount of mucus and lower than 15-20% in the following days. A prospective study of 2,832 observations cycle showed a strong correlation characteristics of cervical mucus and body temperature and can more accurately predict crop calendar. 
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A device that detects ovulation by monitoring the concentration of LH in your urine is widely advertised as a tool to help couples determine the time of conception. There is some evidence that these devices reduces the time wish of the couple. Some studies have recognized the accuracy of the method of determining the increase in LH concentrations between cycles and ovulation will occur about 2 days later, however, the false positive rate is 7%. Although tracking LH concentrations in the urine can decrease the time eager children, but some studies show that monitoring changes the mucus of the cervix more accurately monitor body temperature and the concentration of LH in your urine . 
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