The deadly malaria disease ebony lesbians in Africa, almost deaf, actor

Alive was enough. "

Actors of EastEnders recently revealed, he barely touches the surface of death after malaria in a charity trip to Africa.

Larry Lamb: this October, I circle 70 years. But I don't think there will be any ghost family celebration. By me, alive was enough. 7 years ago, I participated in the charity trip in Senegal. At that time, the risk of malaria is not high in where we come from. But the decision was put off as everyone Jav Lesbians in the trip should take measures for prevention. So I was taking drugs against malaria. You are advised to drink prior to the location that you are capable of getting there in time, and then continue to drink until he returned home.

Sometimes, I suffer from joint pain and there are times up the malaria when I'm not 100% healthy. But they are also through. This made me more careful as to the tropical water and family I was very nervous when I have to into the Woods while taking television show I'm a Celebrity in 2016. But I was sure is there any mosquitoes would be there.

"Don't let insects have any opportunity to attack you in the summertime"

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People need a sense of the life they will change rapidly in this global era. You have to take those precautions because you can return from tropical countries with few "souvenirs" are actually dangerous. If you are responsible for and takes care of the kids, the more you need to care for them. The fleas that carry the disease irrespective of the age group and you really don't want to turn to them.
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To meet a doctor that specializes in tropical diseases and inform the doctor about your travel plans. If you go to where there are insects, be prepared medications.

The bite of the bug type, bed bugs are a risk for tourists in the country. But insects at home are also potentially dangerous. In the year 2015, the 1,400 guests was diagnosed with malaria when they return to England, six of whom have died.

But I was stupid not to follow directions. In Senegal, we stay in a hotel in the capital of Dakar. They don't hassle with mosquitoes. That is not where you need to suffer mosquito or any other measure. I just think that not taking some pill eventually as well. But things do not happen that way.

About 2 or 3 days after return to England, I was suddenly a look look like a terrible drunk. Where this is not possible because I don't drink alcohol. Headaches, feeling really sick, has give me ten minutes with Lagoon night night-say this continues in the next 2 months. I have never been sick to the world but it takes a while, I realized, his illness and trips to Senegal are related to each other.

I was very heavy and the sauce 2 times, my wife had to call an ambulance. I had to saline infusion. My doctor advised to take blood test at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead, North London. It was there, I confirmed malaria.

The doctor cannot cure the disease. You just have to wait for sick days come and this is an extremely unpleasant experience.

Malaria is a serious disease and many people died because of it. One of the sequelae of the disease is can you are deaf. The doctor asked if I had any problems with hearing loss not because I say so. After a series of other tests, doctors found out, the entire tip of the nerve doing duty sound conduction in the brain has been destroyed by the battle of this sauce. The Bureau, the right ear I lost up to 80% of hearing. But I'm still very lucky because this can occur with both ears.

I use a hearing aid but have at me wearing, at no. There are things, hearing limitations in one ear making life much more difficult. When working with the other actors, you must ensure yourself to stand in a position that you can hear other people say. So, you learn to adapt and longer ear hearing full will assume the maximum workload.

350 people also suffer from fever in 2014, whereas there have been 295 people diagnosed Zika since the year 2015.

Pharmacist Angela Chalmers said: "The bug bites bugs need to be viewed more seriously when it involves foreign travels by mosquitoes came from these distant lands is the culprit transmitted diseases such as malaria and Zika.

However, in the UK, the bite of bed bug beetle is also very popular. Although the majority are harmless, they can cause itchy, annoying and affect your summer ".

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