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Catherine Solano of the doctor will explain to you these.
sexual dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction and ejaculatory dysfunction in early may be desire for passion. Sometimes a short Sora Aoi confusion, but it makes people feel that the relationship is not pleasant. Fear flooded his desire to let you down.

Due to fatigue and tension

Sometimes there are some nervousness, anxiety, in life, work out health, which will reduce libido.

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6 why do you have no desire and love and # #, 34, a 34 story

The side effects of the medicine, or disease

Depression is the first reason to reduce male sexual desire, erectile dysfunction and may cause high possibility. In addition, due to the side effects of the drug reduced or loss of libido.
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"Negative emotion"

These emotions, different state of jealousy, anger, sadness, sometimes out of all desire. If your partner has a grudge, blaming the friend, each door desire passion, almost together, and even do not want to communicate or exchange.


Inspiration is often why he refused to lose the

Not only man is the motivation of sexual excitement, is two. You can refuse the desire to reduce. Lack of concern and enthusiasm, in every link, can reduce the excitement and feeling and desire as time slowly cool feeling.

No longer love each other

You should ask yourself, why do you always have no desires, is not love! In this case you should seek faith, share happiness, exchange of gestures and embrace the love and joy of life, sublimation again between husband and wife.


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