'MasterChef': Caroline insinuates tiffany hopkins frame and irritates Fogaça and Paola Carosella. 'Leaks'

'What an asshole!' The candidate fired during the repechage
The "MasterChef" last Tuesday (30) was marked by a "climate" between Caroline and the chefs Henrique Fogaça and Paola Carosella.

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After preparing a caramelized shrimp Guioza to the consomme Jav Teacher of pineapple and pork, Caroline was annoyed to have the plate disapproved and arrived to suggest a frame in the repechage proof of reality show. "How much clowning!" He complained quietly after his assessment. "Has something happened, Caroline? It's kind of sad," said Erick Jacquin. "I'm calm," the researcher said. "You look different today, where's the wonderful smile?"
After the misunderstanding between Aderlize and Mirian, the program had a skirt-fair between Fogaça, Paola and the candidate. During the evaluation of Nayane's plate, Caroline insinuated a frame when speaking to the participants. "And now, do you believe in my theories ?! You'll see on Abel's plate," he snapped. The chef did not like the ironic laughter of the cook and caught the attention of the researcher. "Caroline, are you comfortable here today?" He asked. "Actually, I did not want to come to the recap," said the candidate. "You want to leave? You can go, it took 1, 2, 3, leaks," Fogaça shot.
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Paola Carosella, Porn BDSM the target of sexist comments, condemned Caroline's attitude and asked for more respect from the participant. "You look at them and laugh at every comment we make, so with all due respect, our work is serious, none of us will put credibility in the game, no one made you sign up, no one forced you to participate, It is very uncomfortable for the rest of the participants and for us that with every comment and evaluation we make, you turn your head and laugh.I think a little lack of respect, "criticized the juror, who did An exciting speech about Brazil.
In social networks, the netizens, who showed support for Yuko, were surprised by the change in behavior of Caroline. "I'm finding this Caroline revolt very strange, there must have been something behind the scenes and they did not show it," said one. "I loved Caroline so much, I'm disappointed," said another.


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