Gal Gadot is much more than the anal granny Wonder Woman. Know the actress's curiosities!

The Israeli has owned a hotel, loves x-burger and has two daughters. See more!
Gal Gadot arrives to theaters this Thursday (01) to star in his first feature film as the iconic Wonder Woman. And before the film - for which Robin Wright adopted a 3,000 calorie diet and intense bodybuilding - debut, the Purepeople brought together a ten curiosities of the actress, who came to have school porn her body criticized to be announced as the heroine.

In the world of fiction, it is very common for actresses to put on a false belly because of their characters, as is the case with Isis Valverde in "The Force of Will." But during the filming of the long-running "Wonder Woman," Gal had to "take" her belly: with five months' gestation of her second heiress, Maya, Gal had to return to the studios for rewrites and had her belly disguised with the aid of technology. The famous heroine's uniform was cut by the wardrobe team and fitted with a green fabric that managed to alter the post-production result. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the actress joked: "In a close-up I looked a lot like Wonder Woman, but in the more open scenes I was very funny, as if Wonder Woman were pregnant with Kermit the Frog."

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Gal was born in Israel, but each of her four grandparents was born in different countries, so she has Czech, Polish, Austrian and German nationality. The film "Wonder Woman", incidentally, received a request to be banned in Lebanon on account of the nationality of the actress.
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When she was only 19 years old, the Isrealist won the Miss Israel and went to represent her country in the Miss Universe. Who took the title in the year was the Australian Jennifer Hawkins. At 1.78m tall, the Israelite also did some modeling work and began to study law school.
It was at the university, in fact, that the first opportunity for her to appear on the big screen appeared: she was invited to participate in a test to live a BondGirl, a role for which Penélope Cruz was also quoted: "When I was in college, 'Quantum of Solace' cast saw my book at the agency and was selected to be part of the auditions for the test. "
Despite not being selected for the role of Bond Girl, Gal won me the first starring role in 2009. She lived Gisele Yashar in "Fast & Furious" and reappeared in two other films of the franchise.
To "W Magazine", the artist explained that she had a little help from Beyoncé to get the role of heroin. "When I auditioned for Batman vs. Superman, I did not know it was for Wonder Woman." Director Zack Snyder asked me to do a camera test. "This was torture." They were testing six or seven girls , And we were all in separate trailers, and told to stay inside until they called us in. Waiting is my number one enemy, and I was losing my mind So I decided to put Beyoncé to play: Run the World (Girls)! To dance and let my anxiety go away.Thank you, Beyoncé! "She joked, thanking the singer, pregnant with twins.

When interviewed by jav sex the "Inquisitr", Gal has exalted her career by allowing her to follow closely the routine of her daughters, which is not the case in the "traditional" professions, which have a work environment away from home. The artist also explained that she always considers the time she will have with her daughters, Alma and Maya, when deciding whether or not to accept a new project.
One is deceived who believes that, to maintain the good form, the actress is neurotic with feeding. "I try to eat as healthy as possible, but sometimes I allow myself to eat a burger. It does good for the soul. I make a point of balancing my food well and I take liters and liters of water," she explained. "AND!".
Married to Israeli businessman Yaron Varsano, the actress and husband have owned a hotel in Tel Aviv. Two years ago, the couple decided to sell the investment for no less than 26 million dollars, equivalent to R $ 83.2 million.
Gal has already played volleyball, basketball and tennis. And he is a rappel fan. When interviewed by "E! Online" she talked about her relationship with sports. "I just try to stay active with things that challenge me and make me happy, I'm not the type that only performs functional exercises or pilates, I practice sports." "I even do aerobics, but I prefer to take weight," he said, choosing TRX as Your favorite physical activity.

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