Anitta releases clip from Paradinha anal gape and celebrates success abroad: "I was recognized by a gringo and it was very cool"

Anitta released the clip of her new work song, Paradinha, on Wednesday (31). The singer met the press to talk about the video, shot in New York last week.

"I did not have time to see the clip right yet. I am very anxious. I could not even sleep tonight. I only slept for two hours. I'm crazy to see.

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In just over an hour jav on the air, the video already has almost 500 thousand views. The singer commented on the decision to release the clip just a week after the recording.

- We made this clip in record time. My decision to record and release in a short time was precisely because it was a screenplay in which I knew that maybe we could have a leak of images. So I wanted it to be in the shortest possible editing time so it would be close to the photo cast. There was a lot of paparazzi following us from the beginning of the clip to the last location. I just said, "Oh, the looks. Got it all. " But good, because we already had that deadline in mind.
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Anitta's international career is a reality. So much so that she was recognized on the streets of New York by fans who are not Brazilian.

- This week was pretty funny. We even celebrated because it was the first time [they recognized me]. We were in the streets there and I was stopped by people who were not Brazilian asking me for a photo and saying anything. We were filming the clip and a gringo came, looked and then said: "It's Anitta who is recording. Anira "[laughs]. I thought he was Brazilian, but he was not. He was American himself. I was recognized by a gringo and it was very cool.

During the talk with the hd jav press, the singer also talked about why she chose Paradinha as her debut song for her international career.

- The lyrics talk about this dance, which is nothing more than the square that we know here. We are now trying to get you to other places. That's why we chose different looks, but at the same time they could show this dance. I think the rest is in the video.

The song, sung in Spanish and only with the word "Paradinha" in Portuguese, was studied to be the hit of work abroad.

- I studied the Latin market very much. I knew it was a matter of time for the songs in Spanish to get very big in the world. The Brazilian public was not accustomed to listening to music in Spanish and my challenge was to make the Brazilian public enjoy listening to music in Spanish. Yes or No, with Maluma's participation, it was very difficult to get the radios in.

As it could not be different, the funkeira spoke about the expectation of launching abroad.

"I know my size in every place. It is a very good exercise for me to actually go to a country where I am nothing. I'm so-so in Brazil, but I'm not going to get involved in a country that nobody knows about. Sometimes I have to lower the ball to my own team and to the record company. It is difficult for them to understand that I need to go back in some countries and start from scratch.

Despite the greatness of the video, Anitta chose not to talk about overproduction investment.

"I do not speak in numbers because the news stays and the values ​​change. I do not know how long the person will give a Google and we have to explain that it was a thing of many years ago.

However, she guaranteed that she surrounded herself with the best professionals for the result to be in accordance with what she had always dreamed of.

"I prepare a lot, and I do not do anything that I'm not sure is going to be well done. I called several teachers from several different countries to make my accent more neutral. I wrote the song in Spanish and counted on a teacher to correct it.

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