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Anitta releases clip from Paradinha anal gape and celebrates success abroad: "I was recognized by a gringo and it was very cool"

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Anitta released the clip of her new work song, Paradinha, on Wednesday (31). The singer met the press to talk about the video, shot in New York last week.

"I did not have time to see the clip right yet. I am very anxious. I could not even sleep tonight. I only slept for two hours. I'm crazy to see.

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In just over an hour jav on the air, the video already has almost 500 thousand views. The singer commented on the decision to release the clip just a week after the recording.

- We made this clip in record time. My decision to record and release in a short time was precisely because it was a screenplay in which I knew that maybe we could have a leak of images. So I wanted it to be in the shortest possible editing time so it would be close to the photo cast. There was a lot of paparazzi following us from the beginning of the clip to the last location. I just said, "Oh, the looks. Got it all. " But good, because we already had that dead…

Gal Gadot is much more than the anal granny Wonder Woman. Know the actress's curiosities!

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The Israeli has owned a hotel, loves x-burger and has two daughters. See more!
Gal Gadot arrives to theaters this Thursday (01) to star in his first feature film as the iconic Wonder Woman. And before the film - for which Robin Wright adopted a 3,000 calorie diet and intense bodybuilding - debut, the Purepeople brought together a ten curiosities of the actress, who came to have school porn her body criticized to be announced as the heroine.

In the world of fiction, it is very common for actresses to put on a false belly because of their characters, as is the case with Isis Valverde in "The Force of Will." But during the filming of the long-running "Wonder Woman," Gal had to "take" her belly: with five months' gestation of her second heiress, Maya, Gal had to return to the studios for rewrites and had her belly disguised with the aid of technology. The famous heroine's uniform was cut by the wardrobe team an…

'MasterChef': Caroline insinuates tiffany hopkins frame and irritates Fogaça and Paola Carosella. 'Leaks'

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'What an asshole!' The candidate fired during the repechage
The "MasterChef" last Tuesday (30) was marked by a "climate" between Caroline and the chefs Henrique Fogaça and Paola Carosella.

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After preparing a caramelized shrimp Guioza to the consomme Jav Teacher of pineapple and pork, Caroline was annoyed to have the plate disapproved and arrived to suggest a frame in the repechage proof of reality show. "How much clowning!" He complained quietly after his assessment. "Has something happened, Caroline? It's kind of sad," said Erick Jacquin. "I'm calm," the researcher said. "You look different today, where's the wonderful smile?"
After the misunderstanding between Aderlize and Mirian, the program had a skirt-fair between Fogaça, Paola and the candidate. During the evaluation of Nayane's plate, Caroline insinuated a frame when speaking to the participan…